Death and Anger on Everest



Jon Krakauer reflects on the Mount Everest avalanche, the worst climbing accident in the mountain’s history, and explores why the risk remains so great for Sherpas:

Photograph by Niranjan Shrestha/AP.

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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn, New York
Wednesday, January 19, 1955

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Brooklyn, New York Wednesday, January 19, 1955

Metropolis poster

Metropolis poster

$2 Do-It-Yourself Solar Lamp Brings Better Light To Poor



by Michael Keller

When the sun goes down on almost 1.3 billion people around the world, the only respite from the darkness is fire. These are the people who have no access to electricity. If children want to study, or adults want to remain productive, or families want to sit and talk, most must do it by light of a flame.

But light sources like wood, candles, or hydrocarbons like kerosene oil, which was burnt at the rate of 38.7 million gallons a day in 2010, are far from the best solution. Combustion is dirty, releases toxic chemicals and can be expensive.

“A fifth of the world’s population earns on the order of $1 per day and lacks access to grid electricity,” wrote Evan Mills, a Lawrence Berkeley National Lab staff scientist, in the 2012 technical report Health Impacts of Fuel-Based Lighting. “They pay a far higher proportion of their income for illumination than those in wealthy countries, obtaining light with fuel-based sources, primarily kerosene lanterns. The same population experiences adverse health and safety risks from these same lighting fuels.”

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2 Minutes Street View In Pyongyang, North Korea (by Best Funny Videos)

JOHN FORD REF3610 (via Filmfinders)

'My Name is John Ford: I Make Movies'

honey hunting in Nepal

honey hunting in Nepal


fred frith and joey baron, live 2006.

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Wilmington NC Cape Fear Kite Festival

Wilmington NC Cape Fear Kite Festival